Why choose See it Safe®


See it SAFE® is a licensed product range of anti-microbial fabrics.

See it SAFE® provides visible protection and removes doubt: the silver fibre is clearly visible in the final product making it the only textile product guaranteed to actually have the active ingredient present.

Best practice

All test data shows that up to a level, the more silver present – the better the results.


See it SAFE® will last as long as the fabric – tested to over a hundred industrial washes.


See it SAFE® kills 99.9% of bacteria within one hour, including MRSA.
Improved performance

In environments that suit bacteria growth, all textile products within the healthcare environment would benefit from the See it SAFE® range.


▪ Nightwear
▪ Bed linen
▪ Patient gowns
▪ Surgical gowns
▪ Scrub suits / Clean air suits
▪ Drapes
▪ Coats
▪ Work-wear
▪ Uniforms
▪ Footwear

Silver Fabric

Why See it SAFE®
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