The Power of Silver

The use of silver for medical and therapeutic benefits dates back thousands of years. Hippocrates (the “father of medicine”) taught that silver healed wounds and controlled disease. Romans were the first to publish and document the “magical healing” powers of silver when used to cover wounds to speed up the healing process. The King of Persia would only let his troops go to war if they carried water in silver vessels – something he knew would keep the water supply clean and safe.


imageModern Western medicine reflects what the Romans believed and recognises silver as the most effective anti-microbial agent, natural or otherwise.

Today, silver is used for its broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties in healthcare products ranging from bandages to burn care treatment – almost any product where infection control is critical.


“A silver lining in preventing infections.”

Infection control is at its very best when it prevents infection from occurring, consequently the benefits of See it SAFE® technology are both preventing and treating infection.


The anti-microbial production in See it SAFE® with X-STATIC® comes from ionic silver.


It is virtually impossible for relevant bacteria to develop resistance to it.





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