Clinical trials

See it SAFE® pyjamas and bedlinen trialled in the UK aim to prove MRSA can be eradicated from the skin, thus protecting vulnerable patients.
The result of the clinical trial will be released by April 2008.


The skin, as the largest organ of the human body, is a complex mixture of functional and protective cells. When the skin is compromised, a wound is created. Wound protection must include protection against microbiological stresses.

See it SAFE® product range transforms the way we tackle certain infections. MRSA is a bacterium that can live completely harmlessly on the skin of healthy people but can lead to serious infection if it enters the bloodstream. Clinical trials allow us to prove the effectiveness of See it SAFE® anti-microbial range of fabric.

See it SAFE® provides hygiene protection in contact with the human skin. It works by sanitising the skin in close proximity to the fabric and provides the foremost preventative textile barrier against cross-infection from the localised environment. The dual benefit of our anti-microbial fabric means we can tackle infection and prevent cross contamination as the fabric becomes a barrier.


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