Our new ‘fusion’ range for salon and spa wear using the latest in fabric technology. Designed to combat bacteria through the use of x-static silver fibre, woven into the back of the fabric. Silver has long been recognised for its anti-bacterial qualities. Working with Toray, Tempus has been awarded sole rights to supply this fabric into salon and spa wear.

Read on to see the benefits for you: -

Anti Microbial – Helps reduce the risk of bacterial infection
Anti-odour – The silver ions result in bacterial odour reduction
Anti Static – The pure silver yarn remains static free and helps you feel comfortable.
Thermo – dynamic – the silver yarn helps keep your body cool in warm climates and warm in cool climates


The use of silver for its medical and therapeutic benefits dates back thousands of years. The Romans, being the first to publish and document the magical healing powers of silver when used to cover wounds. Further, Cyrus the Great 5th century BC, would only let his troops go to war if they carried water in silver vessels – he knew this would keep the water clean and fresh.


Silver is still used today in a wide range of products where infection control is critical. Toray have understood this to produce x-static which has been widely researched and tested by leading institutions around the world. The x-static brand is growing rapidly in the worldwide consumer market place and x-static products have won prestigious awards for outstanding performance and function.


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